Assistant Commissioner, State Crime

Many women might see policing as a predominantly male profession, I have never felt that. I know women are every bit as capable as their male colleagues and there are times doing the job where being a woman is a distinct advantage.

I left school at 15 and started work in a shoe store, so you could say I’ve worked my way from the ground up, and have found the WA Police Force to be a very supportive and innovative employer. I have been able to bring up a family without any detriment to my career ambitions, with flexibility of working hours and paid parental and carer’s leave.

Policing is not what you see on the movies or TV, it’s real people experiencing the highs and lows of society through long hours and shift work. No day is ever the same, but the ability to help people and work with a great team is what makes it so rewarding and satisfying.

A key piece of advice that I have been given and would pass on to anyone considering a career with the WA Police Force was to never underestimate myself. I have worked with some amazing people and had great experiences during my career and all of that awaits today’s women as they enter the profession.