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    Kellie Properjohn APM

Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Region

I joined the WA Police Force as a Cadet in 1986 and have worked in a wide variety of roles and locations during my career. After gaining a fundamental grounding in general duties work I moved into Forensics and then became a Detective. I have been able to achieve many of my ambitions during my career, particularly in regard to the areas of reducing domestic violence and child abuse.

The support and flexibility offered by the agency has helped me whilst raising my two girls and still achieving the most I can from my career.

In 2007 I was appointed as the Principal of the WA Police Force Academy, where I was able to see firsthand the high calibre of people joining our agency and the quality of training that they receive in building their abilities to go onto the frontline and achieve their own ambitions in this diverse profession. Whilst everyone doubts themselves at some time, the rewards for challenging yourself and chasing your goals are evident in the opportunities provided in this career.

In my new role at our Business Technology Division I am working hard at providing our officers with the best adaptive technology available to help them on the frontline. It is this type of innovation that our new officers will have access to that will help them make the community in Western Australia the safe and secure place we all want for our families.