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    Nikki Houston

First Class Constable, Police Diver/Patrol Officer, Water Police

I have always had a love of the water and the marine environment has been a large part of my life ever since I spent many weekends and holidays around Rockingham and Rottnest Island. I did my first SCUBA dive during my high school years at Methodist Ladies College and went on to join the Underwater Club whilst completing my Marine Science degree at the University of Western Australia.

However, if you asked me if I ever thought I would end up being a police diver when I applied to join the WA Police Force, I can say I always hoped to, but I wasn’t holding my breath!

It was my love of diving that drew me to a career as a police officer, because of the opportunity offered by the diversity of work and locations that you can work at. When I first joined I realised that I would need to have a good grounding in general duties policing and have worked at various places to gain that, including the Perth Watch House, Fremantle and Cockburn Police Stations and in the Kimberley at Halls Creek.

After this, my application for a position at the Water Police was successful and I transferred to their base in North Fremantle. I have learned during my career that it is the people that you work with rather than the work itself that can make or break a job. You could be doing your dream job but if the team around you isn’t supportive it may not be what you were expecting.

So for me it really has been a journey from desert to dune and to my dream job in a team that comes from widely diverse backgrounds and experience, but all working together to ensure a safe environment for the water-based activities that West Australians make a fundamental part of living in our great state.