Senior Constable, Deployment Officer, Police Officer Deployment Unit

I joined the WA Police Force in 1994 after completing an Associate Diploma of Police Studies at Edith Cowan University whilst working part time at a sporting goods store.

I liked the variety of work offered by the Police as I did not want to be stuck in an office all day. I like having the ability to change jobs without actually having to leave the job.

Since joining the WA Police Force, I have completed over 12 years of service which includes General Duties, Forensics, country service at Fitzroy Crossing and Derby, Tactical Response Group and now at the Police Officer Deployment Unit.

I have two children and worked part-time for a while so that I could look after them, and then went full time once my second child was old enough and my husband then looked after both the kids on a full time basis.

I really like working for the WA Police Force as there is always something different to do. I think it was this diversity of the job that attracted me to it in the first place.